Fiesta Chipotle Chicken Salad

It has been a great week!  We had our churrasco party Monday night and then we were able to have another party last night.  (Not our normal week — I promise.)  This time we attended the party instead of hosting it.  It was a small, but very fun gathering… and it was Minion themed!DSC_1242It was the cutest idea!  My friend has four children and we have been planning a minion party for a long time.  The original plan was just dinner and watching Despicable Me, but when she invited us (and another friend) over she had planned so much more!  She had a minion piñata for the kids to hit, twinkies for us to decorate as minions and our friend painted her girls nails as little minions!DSC_1247Well in honor of the fiesta we had, I decided to make a fiesta chipotle chicken salad.  (It is a corny stretch I know, but I am okay with corny.)  Ever since we had those chipotle chicken tacos I have wanted to make the chicken again.  So I finally did! Instead of having tacos I made this amazing salad:-)DSC_0524DSC_0583Onto my bed of red leaf lettuce I added some avocado, tomatoes, corn and black beans.  I made my chicken pretty much the same way as last time, but I added some lime juice this time to make the citrus flavor a little stronger.  I wish I had had some corn chips on hand to put on top.  Alas.  There is always next time:-) This salad was quite the treat.  It had tons of protein, good fats and great flavor.  What more could a girl ask for?DSC_1256

Fiesta Chipotle Chicken Salad (serves 2)

Lettuce, roughly chopped

2 tomatoes, diced

1/2 avocado, diced

2/3 C corn

2/3 C black beans

Chipotle chicken

Corn tortilla chips (optional)

  1. Prepare all of your produce. Place bed of greens into your bowl and layer (in any order) corn, beans, tomato and avocado.
  2. Prepare chicken and place on salad.  Dress with lime juice, salt and pepper.


Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you on Monday!

7 thoughts on “Fiesta Chipotle Chicken Salad

  1. I love the Southwestern flavor for your Fiesta Chipotle Chicken Salad, it looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your great recipe with Full Plate Thursday and enjoy your Thanksgiving week!
    Come Back Soon
    Miz Helen

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