Chicken Cakes

I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day yesterday!  First of all I want to start out by thanking my amazing husband for being the photographer for all the pictures you will see today.  It is amazing how much faster it is to make something when someone else is taking the pictures!

We spent most of our day hiking Mt. Nebo.  Depending on who you ask you will get two very different accounts of how the day went.  My superman husband will say it was hard, but beautiful and enjoyable.  A day definitely well spent.  For me, it was the hardest hike I have ever done and it pushed me past the point of even slightly enjoyable.  It was only ten miles, but it was STEEP and at high elevation.  I may or may not have been cursing the mountain every step of the way.  In other words it was a day never to be repeated.

The moments that I liked: the very beginning (easy enough where I was still enjoying the beauty around us), walking through a cloud (I love clouds and always think how fun it would be to be in one.  That is one off my bucket list.), and sitting down when we were done:-)

My husband took many amazing and beautiful photos.  He put his favorites up on facebook and asked me if I saw them. I replied that I did and they were beautiful, but they were lies.  They make it look like it was a glorious afternoon and a hike that everyone should do.  So I will share a few of the ones he took, but be aware that the pictures are not accurate to the experience.  Do not be fooled by the story they tell:-)

Nebo 1:4 Nebo 2:4Nebo 3:4 Nebo 4:4

Okay, that is enough about our day’s adventure.  What you really want to hear about is this amazing recipe.  This is one of our absolute favorites.  I make it at least twice a month and sometimes once a week.  It is easy, quick, cheap and soo good.  It truly brings happiness wherever it goes.  This is another recipe from the Practical Paleo book.  I haven’t changed it too much, but I have made note of the differences towards the bottom of the post.  The recipe is actually for salmon cakes… but I don’t do fish very well.  I know it’s incredibly healthy and provides a lot of needed nutrients.  I just haven’t been able to get past the taste factor.  I changed it to chicken and we have loved it.  I really want to try it with crab sometime, but I will have to save up for that.  Whenever I try it I will let you know how it goes:-)






Chicken Cakes (makes 6-8 patties)

2 eggs

12 oz canned chicken (or any meat)

½ onion, diced *

1-2 cloves garlic, minced

2 T mustard *

½-1 t salt

¼ t pepper

A few pinches of preferred seasoning (I have done: sage, thyme, oregano and basil-they were all great)

  1. Beat eggs and stir in chicken until it has broken down into little pieces. Add the onion, garlic, mustard and seasonings.  Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Using 1/3 – 1/4 measuring cup scoop out chicken mixture and place on pan or griddle.  After a couple of minutes check and see of they are ready to be flipped.  When the patties are well cooked on both sides remove from the pan.

* The original recipe only uses 2 t of mustard.  I love mustard and think that in this recipe more is better.  The recipe also calls for 3 T minced shallots and 2 T minced green onions instead of the diced onion.  For me, it is easier to simply use the onion and it tastes about the same.  The recipe also uses 2 t coconut flour (optional) and ¼ C coconut oil.  I have found those to be superfluous, so I have never used them:-)






My favorite way to eat chicken cakes is in a salad, though lettuce wraps are a close second.  (For those who aren’t as fond of the paleo-party they can eat this as a sandwich, my husband does this frequently.  It is an easy way to keep all members of the family satisfied).  I just dice a tomato and avocado and put them on a bed of spinach with a chicken patty broken into smaller pieces.  Sometimes, depending on how motivated I am, I will sauté some bell pepper as well and maybe even some mushrooms and add those to the salad as well.  Spritz a little lime or lemon juice on top and you have one simple, but delicious salad!


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