Broccoli Cauliflower Chowder

I have always been prone to obsessions.  As a little girl I think I drove my father insane by watching the same movies over and over and over: Saturday’s Warrior and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  According to him, I would watch one, rewind it, watch it again and rewind it as many times in a row as I could.  This pattern has continued in my life.  I read almost obsessively.  For me it is virtually impossible to read only a few pages.  Once I have opened a book it is as if I have been immersed into that world and I am always a little devastated when I finish a book.  I am sad to leave the friends that I have grown so fond of, sad that their story can’t go on.  When I was younger my parent’s threatened, not to take away TV privileges, but my books if I didn’t get everything done that I needed to.  I have been obsessed with songs, foods, shows, restaurants, ect.  One of the restaurants that I fell in love with was Mimi’s café.  We would go there for my birthday or any other time I could finagle a reason to eat there.  I had my regular items that I would order.  If we went in the morning it was a sinful carrot raisin muffin and if we went in the afternoon or evening I ordered shrimp pasta or an amazing clam chowder.  I loved the chowder and I am pretty sure the menu spelled it ‘chowda’.  I always felt so cool saying I wanted the chowda.  It is amazing how often I think back on things I did when I was younger and shake my head at myself.  I was such a goon.  I’m sure those who know me would argue that I still am:-)

That love for the ‘clam chowda’ grew into a love for most soups. Tomato, lobster bisque, vegetable stew, strawberry, chicken and rice, Santa Fe chicken, peach, lentil stew, black bean.  There is just something amazing about a good soup, especially in the fall and winter.  I know fall hasn’t quite arrived, but it is coming soon and I am ready to welcome it with open arms.

Because most restaurant or store bought soups use gluten I have quickly come to realize that my beloved soup options have greatly diminished as I am left to my own devices.  I think there are going to be many soup experiments in the months to come:-)




Thankfully I already have a few tried and tested recipes that I can fall back on.  One of them is this amazing chowder!  This is another Practical Paleo recipe, thank you Diane Sanfillipo. The chowder is so smooth and creamy.  It is made almost entirely of broccoli and cauliflower and I am amazed at how filling it is.


Interestingly though, as you steam and puree the vegetables it looks a lot like baby food.  Don’t worry once you add in the onion, garlic and seasoning it is no longer baby food equivalent, but for those of you with small children this is an easy recipe that the whole family could eat.  You could set aside a small amount of unseasoned soup for the little one and then prepare the soup for the rest of the family.


Here is the recipe.  It is so simple and doesn’t take very long to make, which is another reason I love it!

Broccoli Cauliflower Chowder (2-3 servings)

8 C chopped broccoli

4 C chopped cauliflower

3 C chicken broth

½ onion, diced

6 cloves garlic, minced



Onion salt

Garlic powder

Protein garnish *

  1. Cut broccoli and cauliflower. Steam vegetables until they are tender.  Cut onion and garlic and sauté for a few minutes until the onions become soft.
  2. Place four cups of steamed vegetables and one cup of broth into your blender and puree until the vegetables become smooth and creamy.  Repeat this process until you have pureed all the vegetables; in one of the blending batches add the sautéed onion and garlic.
  3. Season with salt, pepper, onion salt and garlic powder until the chowder is to your liking.

* The original recipe tops the chowder with crumbled bacon.  Much to the chagrin of my father, I am opposed to putting bacon in my body.  I prefer garnishing with lunchmeat or chicken.  If you want a vegetarian option that is still paleo friendly you could use nuts or seeds to add some protein to your meal.


Doesn’t that look amazing!  I love the way the colors swirl together when you first mix the cauliflower and broccoli. It’s so beautiful… and it tastes great too:-)


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