Peach n Raspberry Cobbler Oatmeal

Happy Thursday!  I always feel like once Wednesday is over then the weekend is just around the corner.  So take a deep breath, you’ve almost made it.  Are you excited or the recipe of the day?  You should be!  This is my new favorite oatmeal of late.  I could eat it everyday… too bad peach season is coming to an end:-( There are many reasons to celebrate the arrival of autumn, but I will greatly miss the plenitude of fresh produce available in the summer.  My local garden supply has dwindled down to a few tomatoes; now I have to go back to buying all my produce at the store:-(


My neighbor’s garden is always overflowing with raspberries in the summer.  Consequently, I ate a lot of raspberries over the past few months.  It is hard to argue with free:-) One day I decided to pair those raspberries with a peach… it was a good decision friends.  A well-ripened, sweet and juicy, peach contrasts from the slightly tart flavor of the raspberries… happy.  If you struggle with tart fruits or fruits with seeds I think blueberries sound divine.  In fact, I really want to try that now.  Well, I sure know what my next bowl of oatmeal will be:-)


I LOVE the way the oats reflect off the bowl in this picture.

When I made this for my husband he declared that it tasted like cobbler:-) Do you want to know the secret for that rich flavor?  Vanilla.  Pretty simple, huh?  It is not the presence of the vanilla since I use that in almost every oatmeal I make these days, but the quantity.  I use 2-3 times more vanilla in this recipe than any other oatmeal.  Rich.  Creamy.  Wonderful.

DSC_0033 DSC_0044

Peach n Raspberry Cobbler Oatmeal

½ C oats

¼ C water

¾ -1 C almond milk

2-3 t vanilla

2 T protein powder

Pinch of salt

Peach, cut into chunks *

½ C raspberries (or blueberries), fresh or frozen

Cinnamon, a couple dashes

Agave to taste

  1. Stir oats, salt, protein powder and cinnamon together in bowl or pot.  Add water, milk, raspberries and half of the peach chunks to the oats.
  2. Cook oats.  If cooking on the stove bring the heat to medium-high until it begins to boil.  Then reduce heat to a simmer and stir occasionally until oats are cooked.  If using the microwave, cook for a minute and then stir the oats.  Depending on how cooked they are set the timer for another 30-60 seconds before stirring again.  If your oats still need more time cook it in small increments — no more than 20 seconds at a time (having your oatmeal bubble out of your bowl and onto the microwave is never fun).
  3. Once your oats are cooked to your liking add the agave and layer the rest of your peach chunks on top with a sprinkling of cinnamon.  When something looks good it tastes better.  I promise.

* I have done this with a barely ripe peach and with one that was plenty soft.  My vote goes with the softer peach.


Oh peaches, why are you so lovely?


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