The Beginning Of Red And Pink Delights: Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Growing up my mom always made Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day so much fun.  She made us red (or green, depending on the holiday) food all day long.  We started out with a festive colored breakfast and she packed us snacks and a lunch that fit the color scheme and even dinner was all the appropriate color.  As a kid, I LOVED it.  Let’s be honest — I still love it.  I try my best to do it now and still get giddy when I begin to plan my menu.DSC_1116Well I wanted to spread the pink/red food love for those who also enjoy the same tradition or those who want to start it in their families as well.  I thought about making the first week of February red/pink themed, but even for me the thought of an entire week straight seemed a little much.  My solution?  I will scatter the recipes out from here until then so you can have lots of ideas to choose from.DSC_1027Our first recipe is a smoothie!  What else would I start with?  It is my favorite way to start a day so it is the prefect way to start our Valentine food parade:-) I kept this pretty simple since we are going for two things: color and taste.  I threw my almond milk, vanilla cinnamon, protein powder, oats, strawberries and a little agave into the blender and had a little party.  I love those kinds of parties! DSC_1033Now there are lots of little variations you could do off of the recipe outline I have here.  I did a pretty strong concentration of strawberries.  You could also add in more milk to make it a little creamier and a nice light pink.  A lot of people add greek yogurt to smoothies… I would too if I could eat dairy.  As always, have fun with whatever you are making, especially if it is for a holiday.  Hopefully this helps you gear up for February:-) I will have more festive recipes coming your way in the weeks to come! DSC_1036

Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie

1 C almond milk

2 t vanilla

1 t cinnamon

2 T protein powder

½ C oats

2 C strawberries, fresh or frozen

Agave/honey to taste

  1. Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into glass or glasses of choice and enjoy!

DSC_1042 DSC_1051 DSC_1060