Salsa Lime Chicken Salad

This chicken packs a little bit of heat, which is usually not my style… but in the winter I will resort to many different ways to keep warm:-) Now for those of you who can’t handle spicy there is still a solution for you.  The heat in this recipe comes from the salsa.  The kind we use happens to put me at the edge of what I can handle, but if you use a really mild flavor then there won’t be any heat at all.  So the heat intensity is completely up to you:-)DSC_1070I wanted to do a chicken salad with a Mexican feel to it for quite some time now.  I know we had the chipotle chicken, but that wasn’t really my recipe so it didn’t satisfy my creative craving.  A week or so ago I had this idea and tried it out on my husband and myself for dinner.  We both loved it so I decided it was okay to pass it on:-)DSC_1073DSC_0583The salad portion is really easy.  Add you greens, corn, beans and avocado to a bowl.  You may add any other ingredients you think sound good as well.  Then once the chicken is ready add it to your bowl and mix everything together.DSC_1036To make the chicken, start with my proportions down below for the salsa, lime and agave.  Add a few pinches of salt and pepper and then leave it alone until the chicken has cooked through and it is safe to start taste testing.  Unless you are a huge salsa fan you shouldn’t need to add more salsa, but feel free to add a few more squirts of lime juice and agave to get the right balance.  Add more salt and pepper if needed.  Once the chicken is cooked, broken into small pieces and the flavor is right you are good to go!DSC_1066

Salsa Lime Chicken

1-2 chicken breasts or thighs

Scant ½ C salsa

¼ C lime juice

1/8 C agave

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

  1. Place chicken in a pan and cover with salsa, lime and agave. Simmer on medium for 7-10 minutes before flipping chicken over to the other side.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Once chicken is mostly cooked through break chicken into small pieces using a pan-friendly utensil (wooden, plastic, etc).
  3.  After the chicken is broken up continue simmering on low until most of the ‘sauce’ has cooked into the chicken, but there is still enough left to act as your salad dressing.  See picture above for example.

*If the flavor is too strong in one area add a little of the other ingredients to balance it out.  Mixing it in with the salad will also dilute the flavor a little, but I would do any sauce alteration before adding chicken to the salad.


Greens of choice

¼ C corn

1/3 C black beans

¼ – ½ avocado, diced

Salsa Lime Chicken

Cheese, optional

Chips, optional

  1. Place bed of greens into your bowl and add toppings: corn, beans, chicken, avocado (cheese and chips).  Toss salad in bowl covering everything with the sauce and mixing the ingredients together.


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