Raw Garlic Seed Crust Spinach Pesto Pizza

I said in the title that the raw possibilities are endless.  I have really tried to pick a variety of raw recipes this week to show how much you can do/make and still stay in the raw world.  Our two savory meals have booth been salads so far (and the raw salad possibilities are  never ending), but for today we are going to change things up with some raw pizza.DSC_1143I found this recipe at thisrawsomeveganlife and she is amazing for coming up with these combinations.  This is only my second time making this recipe, not because we don’t love it, but because it is so time consuming.  It doesn’t actually take too much of your overall time, but it does require you to be home/available most of the day.  Other than the time factor it is a pretty simple recipe.  It is perfect for a day when you are home working on projects. DSC_1156The only time you will ever see raw food get “cooked” is when you dehydrate something.  There are actually dehydrating machines you can buy, but your oven can substitute just fine as well.  If you set your oven as low as it can go (mine is 150 F , some it is 170 F or something close) it has transformed into your very own dehydrator.DSC_1198Once again you will want to soak your nuts and seeds for the crust overnight.  I would recommend pouring them into a colander or strainer once you get up the next morning to help drain off excess fluids (this will save you some time later).  Whenever they have drained enough, transfer the nuts and seeds to a food processor or blender with the rest of the crust ingredients and pulse until it becomes a fragrant paste.  Form four crusts from the paste and place in your dehydrator or oven (at the lowest temperature) and leave it in their for 4-5 hours or until crispy.  When one side is crispy I like to flip the crust over to help the other side dehydrate as well.DSC_1163Once you are done making the crust paste you can make the pesto in your food processor as well (you don’t even have to wash it first).  Throw all the pesto ingredients in and pulse until it becomes pesto consistency, mostly smooth.  Transfer to a bowl or container, cover and place in fridge until dinner.  Once you are ready to serve it you will want to stir it a bit as the liquid will have separated.  If you want all your prep to be done at the beginning of the day you can chop the vegetables for toppings and set them to marinade in the soy sauce and herbs.  Once the crusts are finished you can transfer your vegetables to the dehydrator/oven and leave them until the vegetables become tender.DSC_1190


1 C walnuts, soaked overnight

¾ C pumpkin seeds, soaked overnight

¾ C sunflower seeds, soaked overnight

2 t dried basil or handful of fresh

1 t salt

1 t pepper

1 T agave or a few dates

1 T water

½ onion, sliced or diced

4 peeled garlic cloves

  1. Soak the nuts and seeds overnight.  In the morning pour them into a colander to drain off excess liquids and place into a food processor with the remaining crust ingredients and pulse until it forms a delicious and paste.  Preheat oven to 150 F or the lowest your oven will go.  (If you have a dehydrator, that is wonderful, but if not your oven will do as well.)
  2. Divide into your sections and place each section onto a tinfoil or parchment paper lined pan.  I used two cookie sheets with two on each pan.  Push the paste down and form the crust shape.
  3. Bake for 4-5 hours or until crisp.  If you want turn the crust over towards the end to crisp the bottom as well.  Do this carefully so the crust doesn’t break.

Spinach Pesto

4-5 C fresh spinach

½ C raw pine nuts

1 peeled garlic clove

½ t salt *

½ t pepper

¼ – ½ C water

1 t agave or a few dates

  1. Place all ingredients into food processor and process until it becomes that perfect pesto consistency.  It won’t be perfectly smooth, but almost.  Put pesto into a bowl or container, cover and store in the fridge.
  2. When it is time to serve the pesto you will need to stir it again as some of the liquid will have separated.

*Don’t add more salt or pepper than the recipe calls for.  The pesto won’t have a strong flavor but combined with the crust and toppings the overall taste will be fabulous.


3 mushrooms, sliced or diced

1 bell pepper, diced

1-2 tomatoes, diced

1-2 t soy sauce

1-2 t favorite dried herb blend (oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc)

  1. Placed diced vegetables into a tinfoil-lined pan, add the soy sauce and herbs.
  2. Stir around and place into oven or dehydrator until the vegetables become soft.

To assemble pizza just top you crust with the pesto and vegetables!  Feel free to ad in some more vegetables if you like:-)DSC_1205DSC_1207DSC_1232Thank you for joining me in this raw adventure!  Have a fabulous weekend!

3 thoughts on “Raw Garlic Seed Crust Spinach Pesto Pizza

  1. What a beautiful presentation for this Pesto Pizza, I can’t wait to make this recipe, it will be fantastic! Thank you so much for helping us celebrate Three Years at Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

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