Halloween + Chili + Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!  I have been saving this idea for today because it seemed rather fitting:-) My dreams last night were about my nieces and nephews in their Halloween costumes…I don’t remember what they were, but it was a fun/happy dream.  I think little kid costumes are adorable!  I am always impressed with how crafty so many moms are in the way the put the costumes together: cardboard, paint, sewing.  I hope I can be that crafty one day.DSC_0454Do you want to hear a story?  Six years ago I was on a Halloween activity committee.  We had to plan decorations, food, entertainment, ect.  One of the other girls and I really wanted to buy several large pumpkins, carve out the insides and serve chili out of them. We thought it was the greatest idea ever.  Well the budget didn’t have room to buy pumpkins as serving dishes, not when ordinary pots were readily available in our apartments.  That desire has never gone away.  Every year I think I should throw a Halloween soirée and serve chili out of a pumpkin, but it never seems to happen.  Well my friends it was a party of one, but I finally did it!  I bought a small-medium pumpkin for the express purpose of putting my chili into it.  It is the most fun photo shoot I have done so far.  So thanks for being such great viewers and providing me the opportunity to finally fulfill a six-year Halloween dream.DSC_0459DSC_0461The chili today is white bean, corn and chicken.  It.  Was.  So.  Good.  You will have to try it to know for yourself, but I was a little sad that I had to share it and not keep it all for myself.  I added lime juice, cilantro and a myriad of spices that blended together beautifully.  Once your chicken is cooked through and you have seasoned the chili to your liking all you have to do it shred the chicken.  You can use the old two-fork method or I can teach you a fun new trick.  If you place your chicken in your mixer and beat on medium low your chicken will be shredded in just a few minutes.  How wonderful is that? You can garnish this with some more cilantro or serve it as is.  Either way it will be delicious!DSC_0481DSC_0485DSC_0475

White Bean Corn Chicken Chili

1 onion, diced

2 T garlic, minced

2 C corn

2 (15 oz) cans any white bean

6 chicken breasts or thighs

2 C chicken broth

¼ C chopped cilantro

½ C lime juice

1 t salt

½ t pepper

A few dashes of cayenne pepper

½ t chili powder

¼ t cumin

  1. Add onion and garlic to your pot, salt and pepper and sauté in a small amount of water.  Drain the excess juice off your beans.  Once the onions have become soft add the chicken broth, corn, beans, chicken, lime juice, cilantro, salt, pepper, cayenne, chili powder and cumin to your pot.  Simmer for 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked on medium heat, covered.
  2. Remove the chicken and place it in a mixer.  Beat on medium until chicken is shredded, no more than 1-2 minutes.  Add chicken back to the pot.  Adjust seasoning to taste.  Garnish with cilantro if desired.

Here is my pumpkin/chili dream come true!  It was so fun!!  I hope you all have a happy Halloween and that the sugar highs aren’t too out of control:-)DSC_0491DSC_0497DSC_0492DSC_0499