Taking A Breath With Pilates

Do you ever feel like the momentum of life just builds and builds?  Sometimes it happens without my noticing and then suddenly it hits me and I have to take a moment to breath.  I think I am at that point where I just need a deep long breath and then I can get up and get back to work.  This post seemed very fitting for my deep breath moment.  Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on breathing and controlled movement.  I don’t have exercise examples to go with this write up; I hope that’s all right.  I just wanted to give a general overview on what Pilates is and some of the benefits.  

I will admit it has been years since I have done Pilates.  Even then I only dappled with it because a college roommate was trying it.  However after looking online, it seems that most sources agree that Pilates is a great low impact form of exercise.  This is great for those with joint pain or other body ailments that prevent higher impact exercise.  It helps improve flexibility and focuses on strengthening the core.images

Strengthening the core is extremely important; we use our cores in our every day movements without really thinking about it.  By working and developing our cores we can prevent future injuries, either from the day-to-day motions or the more rigorous high-impact moments.  Pilates has also been known to improve balance and coordination (now I know I HAVE to try Pilates again because I always need more help with balance and coordination).  Like Yoga, it helps connect the body to mind and spirit as you breath into the poses and hold them.


Pilates can be done without equipment and in small doses if you are pressed for time.  There are many exercises that only require your body, but there is an option for using equipment as well.  Some involve an exercise ball (and you all know how essential I feel those are — so here is one more reason to invest in one!) or some more Pilates specific equipment such as trapeze and towers, trapeze table, Combo chair, Arm chair and ladder barrel.  These are just a few of the equipment pieces I have found online.  Honestly, unless you are planning on devoting all your workouts to Pilates, I think you will be just fine sticking to the exercises sans equipment or the ones that only incorporate a medicine ball.

I will be giving Pilates a chance (I think that is what I love most about these fitness reports — they make me want to do everything I research).  I’ll let you know how it goes and I would love to here your thoughts as well!

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