Corn Bean Lime Salad

Hey guys!  Today is a great day!  Not only do we have an amazing recipe coming up, but I had my first opportunity to guest blog and they posted it today.  You should go check it out at Pretty Providence.  That way you will get TWO recipes from me today.  Aren’t you lucky?! They have great ideas on ways to save money on… just about everything and their site is adorable!  I am so grateful they gave me the chance to blog with them and hope I will have the opportunity to do the same for someone else one day:-)




I really am excited about today’s recipe.  It was swimming in my head and I decided to try it out yesterday.  I was not disappointed in the least!  Sometimes I am nervous about sharing stuff that has only been tasted by myself.  My tastes buds can be a little unique sometimes:-) This morning my husband confessed that while I was gone last night he and a friend discovered the salad in the fridge… there isn’t very much left:-) This actually made me feel better because now there are three people who have tried it and LOVED it.


Do you want to know something really great about this salad?  Even though there is no meat in it, it is a complete protein (or as I like to call it a perfect protein).  If you remember from the post about protein powder, a complete protein is when your food provides all the essential amino acids that our body does not naturally make.  Most animal based proteins accomplish this on their own: meat, eggs, poultry, and dairy.  It is harder to find a singular plant based food that provides all the amino acids you need.  However, if you combine certain foods, such as beans and a grain (including corn), you can still achieve that complete protein.  Pretty cool, huh?


I love citrus juice, in case that wasn’t obvious by the name of my blog or how often I use citrus in my recipes.  The lime juice adds so much excitement to the flavor and makes it so you don’t have to add very much seasoning… AND it makes it smell amazing!  Last night I had soy sesame citrus chicken with this salad — I felt like my taste buds were flying around inside my mouth.  Some might not like these two combined because they are both strong flavors, but I loved it:-)


Corn Bean Lime Salad

2 cans black beans

2 C corn

2 small bell peppers or 1 large

1 large tomato

½ lime, zested

1 lime, juiced

¾ t salt

½ t pepper

½ t chili powder

  1. Dice tomato and bell peppers and drain juice from black beans; mix corn, beans, pepper and tomato in a bowl.
  2. Zest lime over your bowl and juice the whole lime.  Add lime juice and seasoning to your bowl and gently toss.
  3. Done.

You know what you want to do right now.  You know you want to make it.  You probably even have most of the ingredients… 🙂


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