Rice Pudding

We all need a little treat now and then.  In the summer my treats are usually cold and fruit-like, but in the winter I want something warm and comforting.  I do not handle cold very well (have I mentioned that before?) and therefore my warm comforts are a necessary part of my life during the several months ahead.  This little treat hits the spot every time.  When I first went off gluten (and was struggling with severe carb cravings) I indulged in this almost every night. DSC_1035In my family we call this rice pudding.  It is not quite the same as traditional rice pudding, but a lot of the things I eat don’t fall into traditional categories (a fact of which I am actually quite happy about).  While it may not be very traditional this rice pudding still has its virtues.  It takes about three minutes to prepare (as long as you already have cooked rice on hand) and it is so much healthier than the usual stuff!  There is no cream, butter or pounds of sugar in this little treat, but it still tastes wonderful:-)DSC_1041DSC_0777I don’t know who originally came up with this idea… it is simply something I grew up eating.  You put your rice, vanilla, milk and cinnamon into your bowl and heat it in the microwave until it is pleasantly warm.  Then you can add in the agave or honey a little at a time until it is the perfect balance for you.  Now just throw in some raisins and you are set.  I usually do a small handful, but some days it is a bit more.  There is no set ratio so add the right amount for you:-)DSC_1048

Rice Pudding

Cooked Rice

Almond milk or milk of choice



Agave or honey


  1. Place rice, cinnamon, vanilla and milk in a bowl.  Heat in the microwave until warm.  Add sweetener to your liking and garnish with raisins.

* I did not include amounts on this recipe.  They will vary depending on your bowl size, how much sweetener or cinnamon you like, how much extra milk do you want, etc.

** You could even add some slivered almonds for protein if you want!DSC_1065DSC_1074DSC_1057

3 thoughts on “Rice Pudding

  1. Rice Pudding is one of my favorite comfort desserts, your recipe looks delicious. Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday!
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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