Orange Banana Green Smoothie

Thank you for the encouraging feedback that I received after my first post yesterday.  Your love and support mean so much to me.  For the rest of this week I thought I would feature recipes using oranges.  After all, I did name my blog after them and I feel like they deserve some of the glory as well:-)

Oranges really are just quite amazing.  Their smell is celestial, they taste amazing and they really are beautiful.  Don’t you agree?  PLUS they make a great addition to a smoothie!


I love smoothies.  I almost always have one for breakfast, even in the winter (though they are usually followed by a hot shower).  However, during the summer when the weather is more smoothie appropriate I have been known to have one for my breakfast and lunch. So as I have experimented with smoothies this summer, sometimes fabulous and sometimes disgusting (don’t worry- I will only share the fabulous with you:-), I have fallen in love with green smoothies.  I love knowing that I can start my day with a couple servings of vegetables even if I can’t taste them.  Here is one of my favorites that I came up with earlier this summer.





Orange Banana Green Smoothie

1 C almond milk

2 T protein powder**

1 t vanilla

1 T ground flax seed

1 small banana

1 medium orange

1 carrot

2-3 handfuls frozen spinach

1 leaf of kale

Dash of cinnamon

Handful of ice

1. Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend away!  Enjoy

**I have made this recipe with both soy and whey protein powder and I don’t know if I have decided which one I like better so you should be safe with whatever kind you like to use.


I love that this smoothie only uses the natural sugars in the banana, the orange and even the carrot.  My husband was shocked when he tried it and I told him I hadn’t used agave.  My dad however did say that it tasted healthy:-) If you need a little honey or agave feel free to add that in.  You could also use a very ripe banana since their sweetness increases as they ripen.

Another little secret is using frozen spinach.  This helps with the texture.  I like my smoothies to be thick, not runny.  Frozen spinach adds to the thick n’ creamy effect without having to overload it with ice and dilute your flavors with water.  If you wanted you could even use a frozen banana.

Okay before I finish for today I want to share with you my philosophy about recipes: Recipes are just a guideline.  Like a picture in a coloring book you may choose to color inside the lines or explore and make a few changes.  I know some people who can’t stray far from a recipe and there is nothing wrong with that.  However, there are those who, like myself, find recipes a little restricting sometimes.  If you have not quite jumped on the green smoothie express than maybe you will use only one handful of spinach.  If you like your smoothies to be the consistency of juice then use fresh spinach and no ice cubes.  I think you get the idea.  This recipe, and the many more to come, are how I like them.  If there is something in it that doesn’t quite agree with you- then adjust it until it does:-)  Haha did I make myself clear enough?  I am sure I will mention this one or two more times down the road.

Okay, now you have three things left to do.  Make the smoothie.  Feel Healthy.  Enjoy every sip.


1 thought on “Orange Banana Green Smoothie

  1. What a lovely, simple smoothie with bold fruit flavours 😀 I don’t use orange segments enough in smoothies but your recipe tells me why I really should! I also agree with your thoughts about following recipes too 🙂 I often find them too restrictive and go off on a whim instead!
    Thanks for linking this recipe to the Weekend Wholefood Blender Party. Could you please add your text link back to the party on the post, it’s a great way to let people find their way to the event 🙂 Love your work!

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