Chocolate Mousse

Are you a chocolate lover?  Then this recipe will be your best friend!  It is creamy, smooth, sweet and oh so chocolaty.  What is the catch?  There isn’t one!  This “mousse” is everything I described it to be and it is made from natural, healthy ingredients.  We are revisiting my Practical Paleo recipe book.  I love paleo desserts (most things paleo to be honest)! DSC_0503Do you remember the pistachio mousse we had back in September?  These two go hand in hand as they are both based off the same ingredients.  I honestly can’t say which one I like better, probably whichever one I have had most recently:-) So today that would be the chocolate one!DSC_0511 The creamy base for this mousse is ripe avocado.  Empty two of them into your food processor before adding the other ingredients.  Aren’t avocados so gorgeous?!  Then add the rest of your ingredients to your food processor as well.  The coconut milk (there is no coconut taste once everything is mixed together) and vanilla also contribute to the creamy finished product and the banana and agave/honey/pure maple provide the sweetness.DSC_0522DSC_0523You can play around with the ratios on the recipe a little bit.  If you want the chocolate flavor to be richer you can add more cocoa powder, but it will require more sweetener to balance the flavor.  You could add more cinnamon or a different spice entirely and top it with whatever you would like (I prefer nuts).  There are lots of small things you can do to tailor this to your taste.  Have fun with it!DSC_0546

Chocolate Mousse (non dairy) serves 2

2 RIPE avocados *

1 ripe banana

3 T coconut milk

3-4 T agave **

¼ C unsweetened cocoa powder

1 t pure vanilla extract

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Nuts to garnish

  1. Scoop out flesh of avocados into food processor.  Add banana, coconut milk, cocoa powder, agave, vanilla, cinnamon and salt and process until smooth and creamy.  Garnish with almonds, pecans or any nut/topping you so desire.

* I attempted this once with unripe avocados and it was BAD.  Learn from my mistakes.  Use nice and soft avocados.

* *The recipe calls for pure maple syrup.  For those of you who can’t afford it (like me:-) you can use agave or honey.DSC_0585DSC_0565DSC_0595

5 thoughts on “Chocolate Mousse

  1. What does the avocado do to the mousse? Is it to make it creamier? Can you taste it?
    This looks so delicious and I admit, I am fearful of using avocado with chocolate although I have seen it done. In the meanwhile this is being featured at My Meatless Mondays. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • It definitely makes it creamy. The avocado (and banana) are your texture base- though the banana adds to the sweetness as well. The rest of the ingredients shape the taste. I remember just tasting the chocolate, but if you are worried you can always add in a bit more cocoa powder and then sweetener to balance it out. Thank you so much for the comment and feature. I am always happy to share with others:-)

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