Hello and happy Tuesday and even more importantly… happy Christmas Eve day!  A week or so ago I did a post about Gingerbread In A Bowl.  It’s a great little single serving of ginger treat.  I promised in that post that I would give you a legitimate Gingerbread recipe.  After a few experiments I can now live up to that promise.DSC_1607So we had an unfortunate little episode this week.  Our oven broke, right in time for all our holiday baking.  Thankfully our wonderful upstairs neighbors let me run back and forth almost every day whenever I needed to bake something:-) Aren’t good neighbors one of the greatest gifts? DSC_1609Well one of my many trips up was today’s bread!  In doing my research for this recipe I was astounded by how unhealthy most of them are.  They used tons of butter, oil, shortening and almost all of them had 2 whole cups of sugar for one loaf.  I can’t say that my gingerbread is the healthiest item on the planet (because it is after all still a dessert bread), but I tried my best to make it as healthy as possible.  I cut back on the oil and substituted in some cinnamon applesauce as well to help make up for some of the oil we didn’t use.  I also only used ¾ cup of agave.  I couldn’t stand the thought of using that much sugar and one of the great things about using agave or honey is that they naturally require a smaller amount than their sugar equivalent.  One cup of white or brown sugar would only require 2/3 cup of agave or honey. DSC_1617When you are using oil and sugar substitutes such and applesauce and agave you have to be careful not to overload the liquids.  Most say that when you use agave you need to lower some of the other liquids used (I usually choose to lower the oil:-) Now, even though we have made this bread a little healthier than some of the alternatives out there… it still tastes amazing.  My husband and I have both eaten way too much of this over the past week (hence my need for the vegetable soup yesterday).  Don’t you love that eating healthier doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice flavor? DSC_1626I only have one tip for this recipe.  I made it in my mixer twice and in the blender once.  It was much easer in the blender.  It was mixed faster and more thoroughly and the cleanup took much less time.  My blender is super easy to clean though so you will all have to choose which appliance is best.    DSC_1639


2 ¼ C gluten free flour

1 ½ t xanthan gum

1 t baking soda

1 t baking powder

½ t salt

2 t cinnamon

1 T ground ginger

½ t nutmeg

¼ t ground cloves

2 eggs

½ C molasses

¼ C olive oil

¼ C cinnamon applesauce

1 t vanilla

¾ C agave

  1. Heat oven to 350F and lightly oil pan.  Place all ingredients into a bowl, mixer or blender and mix until all the dry and wet ingredients are thoroughly blended.
  2. Pour into a bread loaf pan (you could use an 8×8 pan or muffin tins as well, but it would change the baking time).   Bake for 60-65 minutes.  Check it at 50 minutes (different elevations might require different baking times).

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!  Have a wonderful day with family and loved ones.  I love this time of year.  I love having a chance to reflect on the things that truly matter: Christ, service, family, friends, selflessness.  These are the things that matter most, but often times life gets busy and complicated and sometimes our priorities get a little lost.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to regain focus as we go into a new year.  I am taking tomorrow off, but I will be back Thursday with something new for you! DSC_1657 DSC_1652DSC_1668

6 thoughts on “Gingerbread

  1. I love gingerbread, and it looks like you healthified this version! Looks really moist, even with so little oil. If I make this, do I really need the xanthum gum?

    • Thank you! I love seeing how healthy I can make my baked goods and desserts. Through trial an error you figure out just the right ratios:-) Are you wanting to keep this gluten-free? If not, then you won’t need it at all.
      I have baked without xanthan gum and it will still turn out, but the texture doesn’t always come out quite right. Have fun!

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