Strawberry Orange Sunrise Oatmeal

Happy friday everyone! I just wanted to thank you again for the positive feedback that I have been getting this week.  The comments, on and off the blog, have given me hope for all the weeks to come.

Yesterday was a good, but busy day.  I started off the day making this delicious oatmeal.  Though I am biased because I LOVE oatmeal.  In college I sometimes had oatmeal for breakfast and dinner during the winter.  It is warm, fast, cheap and delicious.  It is only in the past year or so that I have started having fun with my oatmeal flavors.  This particular one, as mentioned above, was inspired by a Yoplait yogurt.

I went through a yogurt obsession in college, especially during the summers.  I would buy the single serving containers and stick them in my freezer, a great idea by the way.  In the evenings, when I would crave a little something after dinner I would grab a yogurt from the freezer.  They take longer to eat because they are frozen so you feel full without overeating AND they help cool you down (which is a plus in the summer, not so much in the winter).  Any who, during these phases I fell particularly in love with a flavor called Strawberry Orange Sunrise.  It is basically strawberry, orange and banana, but it was soo good.  Somehow adding orange to the traditional strawberry banana couple creates this amazing new flavor.  Not too long ago I was thinking back on those yogurt summers and wondered if that yogurt could become oatmeal.



I have some typical things that I do to my oatmeal, as I’m sure you will notice in time.  So I took what has become my oatmeal base and added in the banana, orange zest and juice and strawberries.  Do you recall how I said in the post about quinoa that there is a time and a place for frozen strawberries?  The natural assumption would be smoothies, which is true.  The unnatural assumption would be oatmeal, which is also true.  There are probably some who will disagree with me and that is fine.  I’m sure you could use fresh strawberries and the oatmeal will still taste good… just maybe not as good.




My husband and I accidentally discovered that microwaving frozen strawberries releases some of its natural sugars making the strawberries sweeter than the typical fresh strawberry.  So when I make oatmeal with strawberries I will heat them up for a minute or a minute and a half, enough that they can be easily cut and they have begun to release their juices.  Then add them to the uncooked oatmeal and cook the oatmeal with the strawberries.  You will notice that I added most of the banana to the uncooked oatmeal as well.  The concept is the same.  Heating the banana with the oatmeal increases their sweetness.  You are more than welcome to add the fresh fruit after the oatmeal is cooked, but if you want to try it this way I don’t think you will regret it.


Another discovery I made was adding protein powder to oatmeal.  I love oatmeal.  It is such a comfort food to me, but after eating a bowl I was usually still hungry.  I wondered one day if it was because oatmeal only has a few grams of protein.  Once I added the protein powder I was able to feel full and satisfied after one bowl.  Okay maybe not entirely satisfied.  It usually tastes so good that I want more, but now I feel full and know that I don’t need more.  Our bodies will usually tell us what they need if we are listening.  The more we listen, the easier it is to discern our bodies needs.


Strawberry Orange Sunrise Oatmeal

1/2-1 C oats (depending on your appetite level)

2 T protein powder

1 t vanilla

Zest of ½ an orange

Juice of a whole orange

Almond milk, enough to cover the oats

1 banana, sliced

6 strawberries, sliced

1 T agave + drizzle over top

2 dashes of cinnamon +sprinkle on top

Dash of salt

  1. Mix oats, protein powder, orange zest and salt in bowl or pan depending on how you like to cook your oatmeal.
  2. Juice the orange and add juice, vanilla, milk and agave to the oats.  Add sliced strawberries and most of the banana slices to the oats as well as the cinnamon.
  3. If you like to cook your oatmeal on the stove, put the burner on medium high and bring to a boil.  Lower the heat to medium low or low and simmer until oats are cooked.  If you want to cook your oats faster, microwave for a minute.  Check and stir and then microwave it for another minute.  That’s should be good but if it needs more time try 20 or 30 more seconds.
  4. Top your bowl with the rest of your banana slices, a sprinkling of cinnamon and a drizzle of agave.


I hope you like it! Have a fabulous weekend!

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